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What Is Your Definition Of Being ‘Off The Grid’

You may hear the term “going off the grid” but what does it really mean?

This week’s #TTOT topic (click here) was on off the grid travel: digital world escape. Here are a few of the responses from different types of travellers across the globe:

No internet. No work due. No news. No one knows who I am & No idea about the World except my next dest

Turn off your phone and soak up the beauty of the place you are visiting

A1. For us “off the gird” means forgetting about mod cons and technology and getting in tune with nature.

A1. No contact with other people. Just you, exploring, coming back w/ stories, memories & experiences when you’re back on the grid

A1 no email, no social media.

A1. Getting off the grid means leaving the digital world behind and living in the real world, for once. Unplug and explore!

A1 No phone, no internet – just me and nature

A1:We don’t decide to go off grid, but often, especially when walking, the landscape/experiences make us forget the online world

A1. Somewhere that only allows us to commune with ourselves and the place we are. No tech. Somewhere to focus on the essential

A1. Bing forced to talk people in person instead of via social media

A1: Claiming to go ‘off the grid’ is just a polite way of ignoring everyone, isn’t it?

A1: Claiming to go ‘off the grid’ is just a polite way of ignoring everyone, isn’t it?

A1 “Hello, I’m Mélissa and I am a digital addict. I tried to go off-the-grid during my and failed.”

A1 A lot of the time Off The Grid happens by accident. You go somewhere and the internet is that bad you just switch everything off!

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Featured Image: Places where I felt completely disconnected (in a good way!): L to R – Colca Canyon (Peru), Machu Picchu (Peru), Cafayate (Argentina), Uyuni (Bolivia).



  1. As usual…everything is relative. To who you are, or where you are. Off the grid, means off the grid. I guess to some that means unplugging a laptop. 😉

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