Month: February 2015

34 Things I Miss & Don’t Miss About Home When Traveling

I was having this discussion with someone the other day and we were amazed by the list of things we take for granted back home when travelling. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or long term travel, I’m sure there are moments when you find yourself missing that pet you’ve left behind, or thanking your lucky stars for leaving that desk-bound job you despise. Advertisements

Motivation Monday: What We Can All Learn From Legendary Blind Surfer, Derek Rabelo

The week-long Hurley Australian Open of Surfing concluded this week at Sydney’s Manly Beach. There was an air of inspiration at the surfing comp, with blind Brazilian surfing legend, Derek Rabelo, making his first appearance at the Open to launch Nutri Grain’s ‘Live Unstoppable’, a campaign designed to inspire the youth of Australia.