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Motivation Monday: What We Can All Learn From Legendary Blind Surfer, Derek Rabelo

The week-long Hurley Australian Open of Surfing concluded this week at Sydney’s Manly Beach. There was an air of inspiration at the surfing comp, with blind Brazilian surfing legend, Derek Rabelo, making his first appearance at the Open to launch Nutri Grain’s ‘Live Unstoppable’, a campaign designed to inspire the youth of Australia.

Well he’s certainly inspired me.

I’ll be honest: I’d never even heard of Derek Rabelo until a few days ago. Not one to follow surfing comps or who’s who in surfing, I had the tv on in the background whilst engrossed in an inspiring book (A Life Sold by Ian Usher) when a voice on tv stopped me mid-sentence:

“…I don’t have a fear ’cause my faith in God is bigger than my fear.”

“We should all believe in ourselves and chase our dreams.”

Derek Rabelo - Beyond Sight Movie

Derek Rabelo – Beyond Sight Movie

The 22 year old was born blind (congenital glaucoma), but this has not stopped him from fulfilling his dream, and inspiring legions of pro surfers along the way. And now, he has inspired thousands more.

Rabelo has also never seen what a wave actually looks like. The Brazilian thrillseeker is usually accompanied by his coach, friend or even his dad who guides him. According to Rabelo, “after that everything is by listening and feeling. Only a surfer knows this feeling.”

5 Lessons We Can Learn From Derek Rabelo

  1. We shouldn’t let fear get in the way of fulfilling our dreams.
  2. Believe in one’s self.
  3. Chase your dreams.
  4. Anything is possible if you put your mind, heart and soul to it.
  5. Sometimes, what we think is impossible is possible.

I definitely need to have these engraved in my mind. Someday, I’d like to travel the world full time, whilst earning a comfortable living.

Derek if you are reading this, Australia would love to have you back any time.

Image: | DeMasi Photography

Image: | DeMasi Photography

Feeling inspired?

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Blind surfer Derek Rabelo hits Manly Beach at the Australian Open of Surfing

Blind Brazilian surfing legend Derek Rabelo takes to the water at Hurley Australian Open of Surfing

Hurley Australian Open of Surfing

Feature Image: Flickr Ross Manges Photography – under Creative Commons license agreement. Not an image of Derek Rabelo.



  1. Wow! What an inspirational man. I love reading stories like this! Most people would think it would be impossible for a blind man to do this. But sometimes we need an reminder that everything is possible, so thank you so much for sharing. Reading this made my day 🙂

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