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Blogging 101: Get Inspired By These 5 Bloggers Today

There’s been a lot of valuable learnings from the WordPress Blogging 101 course, one of which is discovering these five new bloggers today.

Caz and Craig | yTravelBlog |

Caz and Craig are one of Australia’s top travel bloggers. They’ve helped thousands of people follow their travel dreams. Lots of travel tips, especially on how to travel with children.

[NB: I’ve been following these guys for a while but it’s only today I’ve learnt that you can actually follow non-WP bloggers on the Reader. Find out how here.].

Snigdha | 

Snigdha describes herself as a banker by day and a budget traveller 24/7. Her travel goal is to visit two new countries and two new places in India every year.

This curation website has been like a travel Bible of mine for a long time. I was first introduced to it about five years ago. They aim to provide general travel news, highly specific travel tips, budget travel, adventure travel and everything in between.

Bani Amor | Everywhere All The Time |

Bani happened to like one of my posts and I’m glad she did – otherwise I wouldn’t have known about hers. Her blog is quite unique and she describes herself as a travel writer, zine-maker and photographer from Brooklyn by way of Ecuador. Her aim is to “decolonize travel media” and her work focuses on diaspora, international communities of outliers and the intersections between race, place and adventure.

Rob |Rockies Outdoors |

Rob can’t get enough of the outdoors. Hiking, skiing, climbing, kayaking you name it! He shares some great tips that would definitely come in handy during those adventure travels.

Wow! Now that I’ve completed this Blogging 101 assignment, I feel like doing this one more often and highlight some of my recent blog finds. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my recent followers particularly on WP, Twitter and Instagram.

Also as part of this assignment, we’re meant to share five new Reader topics so ones I’ve chosen are:

  1. Adventure Travel
  2. Travel Photography
  3. Travel Tips
  4. Independent Travel
  5. Norway


Featured Image: Flickr Christian Schnettelker – under Creative Commons license agreement



    • Thanks again =) I’ve always been curious about RV travel. It looks like I’ll be the one following your journey – you have one heck of a bucketlist and I’m jealous! =)

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    • Hi Rachelle…thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words! I started stalking your blog already so I hope you won’t mind the notifications coming your way haha So far, I’m also loving what I’m seeing. You also have a good eye for food photography – Any tips?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Ailene, stock away! ;0) So happy you are loving it and thank you. Yes, a wonderful tip is to use natural light whenever possible. I found just starting out with photos that a nice window works well for food shots. If I have to cook at night I pull in my husband and photographer of the two of us (I am learning). He then works with the lighting to get the best shot.

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