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Hurry! This Well Kept Secret Won’t Be A Secret For Long |Bungan Beach, Sydney

It’s amazing how an image on social media provides inspiration. A friend of mine recently posted a selfie while she was at at Bungan Beach the other day, and it inspired me to go check it out. 

As a Sydneysider, I’ve never really been a fan of Bondi Beach and a lot of Sydney’s mainstream beaches. Not only are those beaches super crowded, but I’ve always found it quite difficult to relax. Instead, I opt for (almost) secluded beaches. Beaches that are quite difficult to get to (unless you have a car) and that only locals (ie. residents that live in the surrounding area) frequent.

Bungan Beach seems to fit the bill. 

Not many people know of or venture out to Bungan Beach. If you’re not a local, there’s a chance that you will probably miss the entrance to this hidden gem.  The steep slopes to the beach, which rises approx. 40m off the main Barrenjoey Road, provides restricted access. Car parking is very limited to the narrow roads as well. These slight challenges mean that Bungan Beach never gets crowded. Good news for the locals.

The Mister and I drive down around 3:00pm last Saturday and there were probably less than 30 beachgoers across the entire strip.

So if you are after uninterrupted, unobstructed photos of one of Sydney’s beautiful beaches, come check it out….before the secret is out of the bag!


DISCLAIMER: I don’t usually take many photos on beaches due to the public’s right to privacy. 



  1. Bungan beach is awesome and so empty! Me and my husband love the Northern Beaches. I’ll have to blog about my favourite a when we go back 🙂 love your blog. So happy to have found it!


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