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First Time Skydiving At 15,000ft: What They Don’t Tell You

Over the weekend, I finally ticked one of the items on my bucket list: Skydiving.

Deb & I at Adrenalin Skydive, Goulburn NSW

Deb & I at Adrenalin Skydive, Goulburn NSW

Thanks to and Adrenalin Skydive, my friend Deborah and I were able to score a fantastic deal to skydive at Goulburn NSW, 2.5 hours from central Sydney.

As a first time ‘jumper’, there’s only one word I can think of to describe it: Wow!

Although it’s been on my bucketlist for the longest time, I seem to always push it down the list. Yes, I was too scared to do it. But an opportunity had presented itself and with a little push (or shove), it was finally bumped up on the list.

I actually learnt a few things on this 15,000ft journey and I wanted to share it with my readers in case you’re thinking/planning on doing it. You can do as much research as you want on the topic, but I’d also like to share some insider tips which you might find useful.

Don’t let the weatherman fool you.

In the days leading up to Saturday, I was constantly checking the weather. It was forecasted to be cloudy and raining, and I just couldn’t get excited. In fact, I was ready to accept that the jump that we had been looking forward to for 8 weeks was going to get postponed. My advice is to ring up the skydive company the morning of your jump. They are highly trained and experienced, and they are not going to be going through with a jump unless they felt that it was safe. On that note, do your research on the company before you book your jump. We chose Adrenalin Skydive because it has been given 4.5 Star review on Tripadvisor and the instructors are either from the army or have been jumping for 15+ years. Also, shoutout to Groupon for partnering with a reputable company.

You do not have to wear those awful parachute pants.

If you don’t mind having your bums dirty upon landing, then wear your most comfortable pants/shorts. I did the rookie mistake of putting on my lazy weekend clothes on the day, thinking that I would be covered up anyway. They gave us these bright red, baggy velcro pants that probably hasn’t seen a laundromat in years. So for next time (yes, there will be a next time!), I will try to wear something that actually looks good for the camera.

Be prepared to wait.

We booked our jump for 10am and were told to be there for registration at 9:30am. We walked through the door at 9:35am only to be told that we wouldn’t be jumping for another 3 hours due to a backlog. The weather early that morning prevented a number of jumps and they had to wait out the weather. Make sure you bring some snacks and drinks with you, as your choice will be limited on the day – not to mention expensive.

By the way, we didn’t get up on that plane until 1:30pm.

Accept the fact that you will be a mess up there.

I’m not sure how many jumps it would take to rid yourself of that gut-wrenching, vomit feeling. But as a first timer, my stomach was doing summersaults – and that was just me sitting in the

Skydiving. Ticked.

Skydiving. Ticked.

waiting room for 4 hours! It was Deb’s second jump and she even admitted that she was close to backing out at 5,000ft.

For you ladies, unless you’ve emptied an entire can of hairspray on your head, your hair will be all over the place by the time you reach the ground.

Open your eyes. Breathe normally.

Sitting on the edge of that plane, I felt like it was the end. Well, it’s not. Another rookie mistake was giving in to my scared self and closed my eyes for most of the free fall. I felt like my insides had this gravitational pull of its own and at the same time, I was trying to maintain a steady breathing. Thinking back now, I regret not completely giving in to the free fall experience but as I said, there will be a next time.

Designated cameraman. Know your parachute colour.

My husband didn’t do the jump and as such, I asked him to take some photos from the ground of us landing. Luckily enough, our instructors knew the colours of our parachutes and we were able to advise our cameraman to keep an eye out for us.

Deb coming in for landing

Deb coming in for landing

Me getting ready for a soft landing

Me getting ready for a soft landing

Pay for the video.

Yes, it is expensive and we all know that it’s where they make their money. And they know that you will be buying that video. There is also the option of purchasing photos/stills but you won’t need to. Why? Because those stills are taken straight from your video. In other words, you can do it yourself with the help of screen capture tools, which is what I did for these action shots:



Here we go

Here we go

Free falling above Goulburn

Free falling above Goulburn


I’d love to hear about your skydiving experience.



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    • Ailene Rhea says

      hehe when people say it’s addictive, it definitely is! When you do it, let me know!


    • OMG it IS terrifying I won’t lie. It’s that split second that you’re asked to sit on the edge of the plane, with your feet dangling….then your stomach’s doing somersaults for a minute *shudder at the thought* hahah

      Let me know when you do end up doing it. I love reading other people’s experiences hahah

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