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Wine Improves With Age – The Older I Get, The Better I Like It.

For those of you who simply shy away from red wine, perhaps a trip to Malbec mecca might change your mind. It certainly changed mine.

January 8, 2013 was a life changing experience for me. Why? We were in Mendoza, Argentina, home to the famous Argentinian Malbec. I haven’t always been a fan of red wine in general (Note: I seem to react to Australian wines. By react, I mean hives & what-not. Something to do with the sulfites wine harvesters put in our soil – or so I’ve been told), but I figured how often am I in Argentina?

It just so happens to be hubby’s day of birth & so, I decided to take him to a ‘lavish’ wine tour with Trout & Wine Co. Ok, ok I know what you’re thinking: how can you not bike around the vineyards like normal travellers? Simple – I can not ride a bike. Period. True story! Thinking back now, I probably should’ve done it. Meh.

[When I actually update my blog with our South American tales, I will give you a detailed account of our time there]

Let’s just say that when I had that first sip of Malbec – I believe it was from the Trapiche Winery (Maipu Valley) – I was hooked. I can’t believe this is what I’ve been missing, I kept screaming inside my head at the time. I found it quite smooth & so easy to drink.

And I knew that there’s no turning back.

Reason for this random tale is that I’m well into my third glass of Malbec – this time the Santa Julia Malbec. No, the real reason for this random tale is that I just wanted to share with you something I discovered upon that first taste of Malbec. If you have been paying attention, I did mentioned that before that life changing trip, I found myself quite allergic to Australian red wines. Now, do not take this advice without first seeing your doctor (or speaking to a wine buff), but I haven’t had a single allergic reaction (to red wine) since I opted for Malbec. Could there be a direct correlation? Who knows. But why fix something that’s not broken? Why question it at all?!

Anyway, I found these really useful links a few weeks ago from ASCIA & Wine Folly on foods/beverages containing sufiltes & possible allergic reactions. It may clear up some lingering questions (or a fun fact you can store for later).

Safe travels.



  1. Wineguy999 says

    Your problem with wine was more likely histamines, which hit us harder closer to home. An antihistamine should clear up the wine problem.
    BTW, if you ever take a sip of wine and cannot breathe, that’ll be sulfites.


    • ailenerhea says


      For sure! I take an antihistamine with me all the time now just in case. It doesn’t always work but it helps alleviate a lot of the hives =)

      Thanks for reading my blog – really appreciate it.

      Have a good one!


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