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5 Ways To Let Your Family & Friends Know That You’re OK When Travelling


Whenever we venture to foreign lands, we like to let our families and friends know that we’re ok. As you do.

Five years ago when we first set foot in Western Europe, a quick text message every few days were usually enough to settle the nerves of those we left back home.

For those who’ve just tuned in, we will be travelling well out of our comfort zone in 7 weeks to South America. We’ve read hundreds of threads from forums on Lonely Planet, Frommers, Go! Girl Guides, Tripadvisor, blogged-stalked several bloggers and have even spoken to numerous friends who have lived, travelled and survived such a vast continent.

We’ve heard and read stories of petty theft, bus crashes, dodgy streets, food poisoning and all kinds of experiences and those were enough to get nerves rattling. But like all travel stories – good and bad – we’re not going to let these stories stop us from exploring the unexplored, from taking that leap and getting a new perspective from another timezone.

I digress.

So what are our Top 5 ways to let our family & friends know that we’re ok?

  1. Phone: Calling, texting, MMS-ing
  2. Social media: Facebook and Twitter are a great way to let the whole world know what we’re going to be up to & make them envious of our world travels (HA!). Time-stamped status updates and Geo tags are a great way to narrow down our location should anything unfortunate happen (God forbid)
  3. Blogging: Signing up to WordPress was one of the best things we’ve ever done
  4. Smart Traveller: Registering on
  5. Paper trail: As we will be semi-backpacking, we haven’t really booked all of our accommodation or any tours so it’s quite difficult to let them know where we will be most of the time. Giving our families copies of our draft itinerary & what we’ve booked so far will give them a rough indication of where/when we will be heading at least

(Featured Image: Flickr Toshihiro Gamo)



  1. Hi Ailene,
    one other way, which we found really good during our trip away was ‘viber’…
    we were able to call home, text and send pics….we used wifi whenever we could but you can also just use your phone…and the best bit, its all free!!!


    • ailenerhea says

      I’ve heard of that! I shall do some research tonite. Thanks for the comment/feedback =)


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